How long is the 12 hours with the free version of Canary's service?


It is my understanding that if you do not subscribe to Canary’s monthly service, then you only get 12 hours of video recording. Can someone please clarify something for me? With the free version, do you get a total of 12 hours of stored, recorded video? Or are you only allowed to review the past 12 hours of video?

Here’s what I mean. With the first option (12 hours worth of stored, recorded video), the cloud service will store up to 12 hours worth of recorded videos. So, if I was on vacation for a month (oh, how I wish!), and my house sat empty the entire time with very little motion triggering activation, Canary might record only a total of 8 hours of video in that month. I could come home at the end of my month-long vacation and still have access to the entire month’s worth of 8 hours of video to review.

With the second option, if it is currently 12:00 pm, I can only review recorded videos as far back as 12:00 am this morning.

Thanks for any clarification!


Hey @RobbW,

Canary users on the free plan will have access a shared 24 hour rolling Timeline. What his means is that you will have 24 hours split by number of devices on the account. In your case, since you have two cameras that would be 12 hours per Canary.

This is a rolling Timeline, so you will always have access to the last 12 hours of video regardless of how much was recorded. In other words, as you said at 12PM you would have access to video as old as 12AM, but nothing prior.

As a free user you still have unlimited bookmarks and downloads, so if there’s anything you need to keep longer than that 12 hour window you can always save it permanently with one of those options.

Hope that helps! You can find more detailed information about how the Timeline works on the free plan with this article:

How does the shared timeline work?


Thank you very much for your help!



Fairly expensive in the UK to have anymore than the 12 hours free, fair few alternatives now, I have a couple of Y-Cam (HomeMonitor) set up, competition but to be honest it works very well and with 30 days free cloud recording …