How to install and add a Canary at another location to my existing profile?


I need to keep track of Canaries installed in two different houses. I have an account that currently monitors only those in the first house. I am about to have a Canary installed in the second house, but I am not there myself to do it. How I do help the person installing it associate that Canary with my existing account?


There’s two ways to do this: one is easy but not secure, the other’s secure but requires a few additional steps.

Option 1: Give the installer your account user name and password to set it up at a new location, though I don’t personally recommend giving out personal credentials.

Option 2: Have the installer set it up under their own account at the new location. Once they do that, follow these steps:

  1. Have the installer invite you to the new location and accept the invite.
  2. Contact support to transfer ownership of the location to your account.
  3. Remove the installer’s account from that location if you don’t want them to have access.

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While @deleted’s answer is correct, one thing I want to note is that whatever account is used to install the Canary will be considered the legal owner of the device. They would need to contact our support team and provide explicit permission to transfer ownership of the Canary from their account to yours before we could help, even if you are the one who purchased the Canary. That being the case, please make sure you only allow someone you really trust to install the Canary for you.



I am part of the ongoing Elder Care pilot and would like to discuss this
with someone outside of the forum. How can I do that?


Hi @Swulf,

Someone from the Elder Care pilot program will be reaching out to you soon. Thanks!