How to set up for power outage situations


I would like to be covered in the event of power failure either caused by nature or by criminal. My thought was that I would get the Canary Flex and run it plugged in and on our local Wifi. In the event of a power outage, the flex battery would take over and since the WiFi is now dead from the power outage, I would want it to roll over to a MiFi hotspot device that I will have always on nearby.

Questions regarding this setup:

  1. Can I program in more than one WiFi access point like you can on any laptop or phone where if one point goes away it will pick up and connect to the next available one you have previously connected to?

  2. Will it send a power outage notification?

  3. Does the video record both locally and on the remote server?

  4. If I get a motion notification alert and I log in to watch live, is it still recording?

Thanks for your help!


Hi @brianzx7,

Great questions!

  1. At this time, you can’t program multiple Wi-Fi access points to your Canary Flex. That’s a great suggestion though.

  2. You would not receive a power outage specific notification. However, you can configure your Canary Flex to send you an alert when it switches to battery power. You can also enable connectivity notifications that will alert you if Canary Flex goes offline, so if your network went down due to a power outage you would get an offline notification.

  3. All video records to the Canary Cloud. There is no local storage.

  4. Opening Watch Live will not affect recording, it will continue to record any motion that is detected.

If you’re specifically concerned about power outages, you may want to look into getting a battery backup for your router. This should allow the network to stay up in the event of a power outage.

Hope that helps!