How well does the Canary Flex work?


How well does it work for the people who have it? Does it miss a lot of events and is it slow? I watched a review and she said it was slow to wake up. But I figured that might be fixable with updates. Also is the battery life okay or does it have to be recharged every week?


I personally love my Flex and it works really well for me! I know different people have different experiences in each and every condition, but for the most part I am very happy to have gotten one.


Thanks man! How long does the battery usually last?


I have always used mine plugged in, but from what I hear it tends to last in the range of 1-3 weeks depending on your use pattern. There’s also been discussions about how to expand the cable to reach a farther distance if needed.


It’s generally a good device, but depends what you want to use it for. I have two outside my house to watch the back and front and it’s useful to see when I’m out and someone has come to the door, and to just check everything is quiet at home. It can be a bit sluggish to start the live stream, and the latency for getting videos varies but is always >1 minute, and occasionally things don’t record that should have. I don’t know how the competition compare with this regard.

Make sure you have strong WiFi where you want to mount the cameras as it’s less powerful than an iPhone, for example. I’d also strongly recommend running it on mains power to save having to change batteries all of the time and so that it’s processing the video for motion, not relying upon PIR.


When I used my two flexes without power it used to take about 30 seconds to wake them up. This is why I missed most events or received empty videos… After connecting them to a power chord, everything worked fine. The battery lasted for three or four weeks. I suspect, making the wakup time shorter requires the camera to be always on, so this would shorten the battery cycle a lot.


Thanks guys! So it does appear to work better when plugged in. Stefan you are probably right the wake up time is probably to help with battery life.


It is. In battery mode it uses the PIR sensor to detect motion and only wakes when detected. In mains power mode it processes the video steam for motion so is always going to react quicker.

Do you have power available externally? I have my two tapped off the supply to external lights, using a USB power socket to plug the Flex into.