I cant get pass the booting set up


Never get passed solid white. Same happens, only reaction i get is when tapped hard cycle goes to diff colors and loud 2 chirps after that solid white again.

Tried with yellow cord but no option in the prompt menu only the other 2 options.

My canary all in one view has C100H1503134.

Im trying to pair it with my samsung note 8.

Hoping to get help Asap


Hey there, when you purchased this item was it from a third party seller or was it pre-owned?

New Canary All-In-One never gets past solid white light

Bought here in the philippines. Third party reseller


What it sounds like happened is whomever previously had this device still has it registered under their account so it won’t let you re-register it under a new account. These are the steps to have them de-register the device:


Actually the third party reseller is a wholesaler here in the philippines it buys a lot of stuff like warehouse quantity then sell it here. But looks like its quite new.

Any ways to know how it can work?


It just keep on booting. Solid white


At this time I would recommend that you submit a ticket to Canary’s support team so that they can take a look at your specific device(s) and assist in figuring this out.

There are a few different ways you can contact support if you would prefer a faster response during business hours, you can find details about that here.

A few tips when submitting your ticket:

  • Include the email you use on your Canary login as your contact email so Canary can find your account quickly.
  • If you have multiple Canary devices, include this information and detail which models you are having issue with.
  • Include any pictures or videos that might help diagnose the issue you are having.
  • Be as detailed and clear as you can in your description to help Canary diagnose your issue.
  • Say what you have already tried and how you did it, this may help speed up your time to a fix.
  • Include a link to this topic if it contains additional information from other users that might help Canary.


It working now! Yes!