I can't watching live stream


I can’t see live stream i don’t know what’s the problem!
I try to change my device and i try to change my internet network still having the same issues


Hey @Bomusab,

I have had this problem from time to time as well. Usually what fixes it for me is to restart the app. To do that on an iPhone, double click your home button, find the Canary App, then swap up to quit it. After that try starting the app up again and see if that works.

If it doesn’t your next best bet would be to re-install the Canary App and log in again.

If that still doesn’t work, go ahead and submit a ticket to Canary.

Hope this helps!


In addition to @Zev’s suggestions, you might also want to check your network speeds. We require a minimum upload speed of 1.0 Mbps per Canary you have installed for Watch Live to stream reliably. Watch Live may also load very slowly or not load at all if your ping to Virginia is higher than 200ms.

You can check your network speeds and ping with these steps:

  1. Open speedtest.net on a computer connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Canary.
  2. Instead of pressing the Begin test button, please zoom out on the map and click one of the white dots located in Virginia (east coast USA).
  3. When the test completes, check your ping and upload speeds to see if you meet the requirements.

Hope that helps!

Canary in Australia

I will try, & i hope it’s work

Thanks my friend


This is my speed
I think it’s perfect


Your speeds look great, but it looks like you may have tested your ping against a local server. Can you be sure to zoom out on the map when taking the test and click one of the dots in Virginia to run the test? This will show the ping you’re getting to our servers in the U.S.


This is my speed test

I want help guys, atherwaise i will not use the camera because i can’t see the live stream :disappointed:


Hi @Bomusab,

Thank you for providing those updated results. While your local internet speeds meet our requirements, in this case the issue is with your “ping”. Ping is basically the length of time it takes for the signal to travel from your router to our servers in Virginia. As mentioned in our Wi-Fi requirements, you will experience issues when your ping is higher than 180ms; currently your ping is 203 ms.

Looking at the server information in your results, it appears that you may have your Canary installed in the Middle East. You may have difficulty or be unable to load Watch Live in this area due to the distance from our servers in the US and the resulting high ping. Parts of Africa, Asia, and Australia can also have issues with Watch Live due to distance. As we continue to expand into the global market we are hoping to add more servers to provide a better experience in these regions, but I don’t have a time frame on when that would be.

Canary Flex Connectivity Drops

The company must write that in the camera description :unamused:
I pay 199 dollars for nothing


Agree with Bomusab, spent that much money to realise i can’t use the main feature of this camera!!!

my download speed to a VA server is a decent 84mbps but with a ping of 199ms so i can’t watch live stream!!


Thanks for sharing this! Lucky I went searching! Almost dropped $800 on a full setup which would have had absolutely zero functionality.

Hard to believe a solution like this isn’t using the cloud and local servers. 98% of the world is beyond virginia.


I am also in the Middle East. Does this mean I can’t watch live also ?


As stated above, you will need to have a connection that meets the minimum requirements described previously.


This should have been shown clearly on the box so i would have reviewed it before i purchased. Now i have a useless piece of plastic sitting on a table.
Can i please request a full refund as the connection requirements are not clearly shown.


As stated in our Sales Terms, Canary products are not designed and tested for use in countries outside of where we directly sell and market our products and we can’t guarantee functionality if you take a Canary outside of our sales regions. If you would like to return your Canary, please contact the original retailer to process a return and refund.


Any chance of Canary building a robust, cloud solution with servers outside of the US?