I was sent a direct message from tech support & I don't know how to get back to it


The technical support people sent me a direct message so they could help me and I had the page up at one time but now I don’t know how to get back there. I’ve been searching but have not been able to find it. Thanks!


Hi @SookieSue,

If you click your user icon in the top right corner you should see an envelope that will take you to your direct messages. I did relay the information you provided over to our senior technical support team and they reached out via email as well.


I don’t see it there either but thanks for the info. I will wait for them to reach out again. I thought it was an email for the longest and I’ve been looking and looking. I read the message and did the couple of things they said and then got busy doing something else. I’m feeling really crazy right about now. I feel like it’s a figment of my imagination!


O.K. now I have an email. Thanks!