Identical HomeHealth readings on devices in separate locations


Re the latest version . Running Android with 2 all in one’s. The temperature showing is same for upstairs and down. Tryed re installing logging in and out. No diff. Also app won’t let me send a ticket…want temps back please.

Mobile app v2.5.0 [iOS & Android]

Hi @Sas,

I went ahead and moved your comment to its own post since it sounds like you’re having an issue with your Canary.

I’m not quite clear on the problem you’re describing. Are you having issues with the temperatures appearing incorrect on one of your Canary All-in-One units?


Am having the same temperature and humidity identical readings on upstairs and downstairs all in one’s.
Since the most recent app changes. Which I know they should be different but they are reading identical

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Thanks for clarifying that for me. I’d recommend trying the following troubleshooting:

  • Reboot your phone
  • Unplug both cameras for about 5 minutes, then plug back in
  • Sign out of the app, then sign back in

If none of this helps, please open a ticket with our support team so they can investigate further.


Have done all but unplug cameras. Will try when I get home. In a few hours. Thanks
I can’t do a ticket anymore on my phone app. Since changed
The size is off the screen…don’t like lol had to use a pc. But submitted ticket did not receive
The usual email saying you submitted a ticket…hmm?
Stupid picture bot took me forever. Not impressed.
Thanks much though!

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