IFFT and Alexa options to arm/disarm

I know that there are IFTTT triggers for wink but with recent announcements from wink that they are extorting their users by locking all robots if you don’t pay them $5 a month we need more solutions. I have Arlo camera on the outside of my house and they have a vast IFTTT applet library that Canary desperately needs to mimic. The ability to arm and disarm cameras or set camera to night mode headed off of events or Alexa commands is what makes a smart home. For example, currently, if I say Alexa, trigger goodnight, my thermostat sets to sleep mode, all my lights turn off and my canary arms. However come next week I will not be paying wink their extortion fee since your cameras are the only thing that will not work Alexa routines or IFTTT. As a smart home/security company building IFTTT applets will give you an infinite amount of configurations and will concrete your products in the DIY Smart home sector. I have been paying for your annual membership since I got my first camera from you and even expanded to 3 cameras. Even if the IFTTT applets were only apart of the membership it would be a good deal. Otherwise I may reconsider renewing my membership and look at other solutions that will play nice with the other smart home devices like Arlo.

Hey @Berlenj,

Thanks for the feedback. I am tagging @Sean to see if he can provide you with additional information regarding this. I saw the news about Wink this past week and agree that the change may impact some users of Canary devices who are actively using the integration. Hopefully Sean can provide some additional information and support for you and users like you.

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Hello @Berlenj,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention (thanks for the tag @Zev!) . It does appear that the changes to Wink’s services will impact our customers. An IFTTT integration is something that has been discussed amongst our team, but in doing research with our customers the Alexa Skill and Google Home always comes out on top as the highest requested integration platforms. This is why we prioritized integrations with these two services.

With that said, I personally also believe that an IFTTT integration would be a great option and would allow a lot of flexibility for use cases with Canary devices. I’ll continue to be an advocate for this feature internally, and will be sure to post an update to our community if we do end up developing the integration.

In the meantime please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else I can do to assist!



Hey @Sean,
I think a more elaborate Alexa skill would also solve my request. The biggest thing that would help is the ability to change modes through Alex commands, for example, if I could use and Alexa routine to trigger night and home mode. Then I can use the command “Alexa, Trigger goodnight” Which not only triggers an IFTTT trigger for some of my smart home products but also triggers my AC to go to the sleep comfort settings. Then I could also tie the Alexa routine to put the cameras into Night arm mode. I also have a routine that when I dismiss an alarm on specified Echos in the house it turns on certain lights and would be able to tie the cameras to go into home mode.

I feel that these types of features are the stuff that truly makes a smart home. a smart home. In my opinion, it should not be difficult or a ton of extra steps to achieve some of these steps for an end-user but allow seamless integration with technology and someone’s routines.

I would be more than happy to speak with your product team about how I have integrated all my smart home products to create a natural ecosystem that allowed your products to achieve a frictionless experience for me and my family.

Totally agree with this request - there doesn’t seem any simple way to just schedule the system to turn on/ off at certain times now without paying for a Wink subscription. So for example if you have a child carer or cleaner arriving at a certain time you can’t have it armed and then disarm just before they arrive… It seems such a simple feature it’s surprising its not a feature already in the app, rather than needing to rely on various integrations.

Wink subscriptions start tomorrow. Any progress with this?