IFTTT Integration


Title says it all, looking for IFTTT integrations. I am not trying to troll or be a jerk when I say this, but just take a look at the Arlo implementation and copy that. The only trigger that I don’t believe is in the Arlo IFTTT that we would need is geo triggers (user arrives, user leaves, etc).

Btw, I have seen Pete’s post about using the Wink IFTTT channel, but that is not what I am asking for here. I am asking for a Canary authored IFTTT applet, that we can use for (and with) whatever we like.

And for the billionth time, please for the love of god, give us API access. Your loyal early adopters would have built all of this stuff 10x over by now if we had API access.



And please don’t make it a membership-only feature. Making your platform play well with others brings value to your platform. Making it an island with a pay-wall makes it less attractive. I’d like to purchase a second camera (this one for my back yard) but I’m afraid I won’t be able to eventually integrate the camera with the other systems in my home. I realize the cloud based services you offer (storage for example) provide revenue and I want you to make tons of money … but I have plenty of storage at home already and would prefer to purchase things that I don’t already have. A little off topic but perhaps you can provide intelligent tagging of events that the camera sees – my NAS doesn’t do that (yet) and I’d love to pay for it.



I use IFTTT integration for my tp-link smart plugs. It would be really good if inside IFTTT if the Canary cam detects motion then the smart plugs come on, and then turns on the lights.

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This would be such an obvious benefit to bundle in for premium subscribers.