Ignore motion from lights


Along with Canary I have SmartThings to control my outside lights (and Tado for heating). I have my outside lights turn on at sunset time each day, and canary has visibility of the window where one of the sets of lights is placed which causes a motion detection if everyone is out at this time.

Given I would like to have an inside light turn on and off at random intervals as part of a broader security deterrent, it would be good if canary could differentiate between lighting changes and genuine motion in the video. I appreciate this would be a more complex algorithm, but it would be a more reliable one.


Hey @slpuncher,

You may want to experiment with your Motion notification settings to try and reduce alerts from this kind of activity. The Canary will still record this as motion, but you won’t be sent a push notification and can effectively ignore the video. Hope that helps!


Hi Angie,

Yes I’ve gradually dialed the slider back over time to reduce the number of
false positives mostly due to sunlight. It’s set at two now but still
sudden changes of light in the field of vision trigger motion detection.



To clarify, is it triggering motion detection or is it actually sending you alerts? The motion will always be recorded regardless, but the sensitivity prevents you from getting a push notification from it. In other words, it will detect motion and record, and that video will appear in your Timeline, but there will be no audible tone or vibration sent to your phone with a popup alert of activity.


It’s sending alerts - I’m aware that it still records any motion it detects