iOS 12 Developer Release and Canary App


Yesterday, Apple released iOS 12 with a number of new updates.

If anyone has any issues with iOS 12, please post them within this topic to let Canary know. Other discussions that are created will be merged within this topic to keep them organized.

Canary does not officially support developer previews of iOS Software. As a result, please be cautious using the Canary app on pre-released software.

Known Bugs
No bugs caused by iOS 12 Developer or Public Beta are currently known.

Previous Bugs

  • iOS 12 Beta 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 all disable Watch Live, making it unable to load (prior release, now fixed)
  • iOS 12 Beta 1, 2, and 3 may disable notifications from Canary (resolved)

Canary - All-In-One - Issue with live streaming

The app fails to load livestream, just freezes after showing “Loading Live Stream”, to recover app you must force close. The rest of the app seems just fine.
Using Developer Build Beta 1


I can confirm this issue, though for me it happens a little differently. Watch Live will fail to load and sometimes hang, but not always.


Live stream doesn’t work at all on iOS 12 beta 2. It’s worked zero times so far, re-installed app and reset devices.


Unable to access live stream or get any motion alerts since being on iOS 12. Quite annoying.


Hey @NYY212, as mentioned above, iOS 12 is Beta Software and therefore not supported by Canary. This is one of the downsides of upgrading through the iOS Beta Program early is that numerous apps do break.


iOS 12 - no Watch Live and app crashes when trying to load Watch Live.



I’m using the iOS 12 Public beta and do not receive ANY canary notifications. My wife has been receiving them on her iPhone 7+ on iOS 11.4.

I’ve tried both the regular Canary app and Canary Beta. All notifications are enabled for the Canary app. I’m 90% sure it’s related to the iOS beta but can’t confirm.

Anyone else not getting notifications?

EDIT: just saw @NYY2121 above not getting motion alerts. Ok makes me feel better. Not a big deal - I knew what I was getting myself into. My wifes phone getting alerts is fine for now.

@Zev - did anything big change in iOS 12 that would cause notification issues like this?


Hey unfortunately I am not aware of what change was made that would conflict with Canary, but I know that Canary is aware of the issue through this topic. However, as is typical with betas; due to how fast they change, it is unlikely we will see a fix until there is a Golden Master version is released (I base this not on inside facts, but more on the general approach of most companies).

That said, I too will confirm that I have not been receiving alerts on my iPhone X running iOS 12 beta 2.


Updated original post with ‘known bugs’, included issues still appearing in BETA 3


Running iOS 12 Beta 2. Same issues with Watch Live, but I do receive motion notifications and I’m able to watch the recorded video. Just can’t watch live.


iOS 12 Beta 3, I get notifications, cannot Watch Live on any camera.


Still no Watch Live. What is going on Canary? Other companies still seem to roll with Beta versions of iOS. Is Canary not a Beta developer player?


Echoing Zev’s comments, it is inappropriate to expect any functionality of the app when running beta software. This is an inherit risk you chose to accept when electing to install the iOS beta. The beta period, by definition, is intended to allow companies to refine their apps so they are functioning by the time iOS is released to the public. While indeed disappointing that it is not currently compatible, this is not Canary’s “fault”, and they are using this time to make the adjustments so that the app is ready when iOS 12 is released in the coming months. When it is actually released and if it still does not work, then criticism would be in order. But for the time being, any criticism is unfounded and you are always welcome to roll back to iOS 11.


Watch live feed still not loading on iOS 12 Beta but the alerts have comeback. After the last update, I started getting alerts back for other apps that I guess I just didn’t notice as much.

It is interesting that the live feed does not come up but you can see the last motion screenshot in the background while it’s loading.


iOS 12 beta 4 and the release of Canary that came out today 7/26, watch live is still not available. When launched on the iOS app, the Canary turns on with a solid white light under the camera, but no live feed loads.


IOS12 Beta 4 unable to view live videos. The recorded videos play just fine.


Developer Beta 5 continues to cause issues.


Beta 5 and still no Watch Live. Is Canary making any progress on this? Is it likely there might be an update before the official release of iOS 12?


App updated today, still no luck with Watch Live and iOS 12 (note: iOS 12 beta 7 was pulled, perhaps works with beta 6?)