iOS 12 Developer Release and Canary App


“Bug fixes and stability improvements”, but still no Watch Live on Beta 6. Latest comment from Canary support was they ‘hope for improvement’. Can’t quite believe the lack of progress and communication on this matter.


I’m not able to see LiveStream at all and it change the MODE to Home ALL the times by itself. I’m using IOS12.


Hey @alirodriguezm,

The livestream issue is confirmed and will likely not be fixed until a later date (possibly when the final version of iOS 12 is released to the public).

As for the changing mode, this sounds like a separate issue. Can you explain a little more about what is going on and what your settings are for your locations and different modes?


I can confirm in dev beta 8 live video is still not working. Curious why this can’t be addressed prior to the final release. This is a major feature that Canary should fix. With public betas being the norm now Canary should use them to their advantage to address the bugs and get a working product prior to the launch. Additionally you could use test flight to allow willing participants to help test and verify the quality prior to a public launch.



Hey Ken, most developers wait until the final version of a major release is out because Apple hasn’t finalized their code until then, either. I understand it’s a low priority for the company now because they (Canary in this case) may have to redo the work if the next beta breaks their fixes.

Also, keep in mind a small subset of users is on the iOS 12 beta right now.


App has been updated and can confirm live view now works with IOS12 beta


Yes, it should be working now with the latest update!


Hi all, as dchantry and Zev have posted, Watch Live on iOS 12 is now functional. Please let us know if you run into any more issues. We appreciate your patience as we work through the updates.

Thanks so much!


First post has been modified to show updates.


Got a very jittery live view now that Watch Live is working on ios12 Beta. Anyone else getting poor quality Watch Live video?