iOS 14 + Canary

Dear Canary Community Members,

Like many of you, I too am excited about iOS 14 which was announced today at WWDC, Apple’s yearly Developer Conference.

This thread will serve as a place for discussion of issues, questions, and comments about the iOS Canary app in iOS 14. Threads posted elsewhere during the beta period will be merged into this thread.

Please remember that like most third party apps, the Canary app may not work properly on iOS 14 during the Developer and Public Beta period.

Thanks! Is someone testing the Canary app in iOS 14 today? The beta is available.

I am using your canary pro and it loses connection a lot. Blinks white and sometimes red.

Hi Kwhittyinsa,

Assuming that it is not placed next to the wireless router or access point, have you tested that area for connectivity? I like to test an area for its Wi-Fi sweetspot prior to placing the device. You can run a quick test by using an app such as Wi-Fi Sweetspots to check the speed and reliability for that location in or around your home.

Will there be a thread for Android 11 + Canary?

Feel free to make one! I don’t know enough about Android to be able to lend anything for that.