iOS 14 + Canary

Dear Canary Community Members,

Like many of you, I too am excited about iOS 14 which was announced today at WWDC, Apple’s yearly Developer Conference.

This thread will serve as a place for discussion of issues, questions, and comments about the iOS Canary app in iOS 14. Threads posted elsewhere during the beta period will be merged into this thread.

Please remember that like most third party apps, the Canary app may not work properly on iOS 14 during the Developer and Public Beta period.

Thanks! Is someone testing the Canary app in iOS 14 today? The beta is available.

I am using your canary pro and it loses connection a lot. Blinks white and sometimes red.

Hi Kwhittyinsa,

Assuming that it is not placed next to the wireless router or access point, have you tested that area for connectivity? I like to test an area for its Wi-Fi sweetspot prior to placing the device. You can run a quick test by using an app such as Wi-Fi Sweetspots to check the speed and reliability for that location in or around your home.

Will there be a thread for Android 11 + Canary?

Feel free to make one! I don’t know enough about Android to be able to lend anything for that.

Anyone know if the Canary Dev team has plans to implement Picture in Picture on iPadOS 14 and iOS 14?

@NYCLULU, I haven’t seen any announcements as of yet, but I too would love to see that implemented!

Recent iPhone update keeps causing my canary pro to glitch when I try to watch timeline videos. I can’t even scroll through my timeline. Just frozen on the first page. This is not turning out to be a quality product.

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I am having the same issue, I can’t watch anything on my timeline

Hey @Cdelly,

Could you confirm the following:

  1. What device are you having this issue with?
  2. What is the OS that you’re running?
  3. Have you tried the following steps in this order: Delete the Canary App > Restart > Install the Canary App and Log In?


Hi Zev. This is on a iPhone XR. It happened on ios14 and now on 14.1

I have deleted and reinstalled the app on both iOS versions. Still cannot scroll thru the timeline.


This is very weird. I am also running the latest iOS 14 release and my app is working fine. Would you be able to take a screen recording of what’s going on and then submit a ticket to Canary to see if they can help solve what’s going on?

New iPhone 12 Pro 512GB iso 14.2.1. Using Pro and View devices. I have deleted the app, restarted the iPhone and re-installed the App ver 5.0. Problem the same over wifi or LTE G4. App opens but when any live view is selected the app closes back to the iPhone screen. Notifications working ok, system has been reliable for many years until the upgrade of phone and iso.

Hey @GeoTracker,

That’s very odd… I have almost exactly the same setup as you and it is working fine, and haven’t seen too many reports otherwise… Would you be able to submit a ticket to Canary? This may be the best way for them to troubleshoot your specific issue on your device.

Thanks, I submited the ticket. Also requested one of the Pro cams for a 5.0 to 5.3 firmware upgrade as all but one are version 5.3

PS, Windows 10 desktop still works great, no problems.

Using my old phone iPhone Xs 14.2 512GB, no problems. New iPhone 12 Pro Max 14.2.1 512GB can view timeline events. Problem is live view, video start to load and screen closes to iPhone home screen. However the app itself did not close is still running in the background showing the Watch Live screen. Select the Watch Live again and same problem. Maybe one time out of ten tries the live view will plan, but same problem if you select a defferent camera from the one playing.

I also have the same problem on iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 14.2.1, Canary App v5.0.0: I open the app, click Watch Live, spinner appears, a few seconds later the app exits. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling but that did not fix it.

Should I file a new ticket or is there one I can track?

I would encourage anyone who is facing this issue to submit a ticket to track your own case, but I will also alert @Sean and @maciej To see if they can check in on this issue from their end as well.