Issue with app new ZTE Blade Pro V8


Used canary apo for 6 months on ancient original Moto g no problems, regular notificatons, live view etc all worked great. I go to CES in Vegas and see cool new ZTE phone and I buy when it launches.

Load canary, login goes fine but when I open app it just hangs trying to load my live view…Also no notification history.

Then when I received notifications I could watch video and see history. But not when I opened the app from home screen, only when I clicked on a notification.

Support tells me uninstall…I’m on vacation in another country and install app…Enter my login info and hit OK and then screen goes to black with white logo and stays that way indefinitely.

Please help, I miss this working properly.


Hey @Bigbadbrew,

I don’t believe we’ve had any reports from users with ZTE Blade Pro V8, but we have had other ZTE models like the ZTE Axon 7 experience similar issues. Would you mind trying these steps to see if it helps?:

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Tap Applications.
  3. Tap Application Manager.
  4. Tap Canary.
  5. Tap Permissions.
  6. Make sure everything is allowed, enabling anything that is currently disabled.
  7. Try logging into the Canary app again.

Let us know if that helps your issue!