Issue with Canary WiFi Setup


Whilst going around resetting my Canaries, I want to note a UX issue relating to the iOS App that has bugged me for awhile. During the setup process when specifying a network, if when prompted for a password you switch out of the app, say to retrieve a password from a password manager, the connection to the Canary you are trying to setup will be lost.

In the case of an All-In-One the connection is recovered quite quickly. However, in the case of the Flex re-connecting and recovering the setup can take a long, long time - Yellow LED ring on the Flex, App displaying the message the Canary is updating. There is nothing you can do except wait, after a time the App will timeout and you can restart the setup process.

Two screenshots below, the first shows the stage of the setup I’m banning on about and the second shows the App mistaken in thinking the setup has completed and the Flex is updating.

Do with this information what you will. My primary concern is the hardware issues I’m having.

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Thanks for the report. Just to keep things separate, I have moved this to a new topic.