Limited member permissions


Absolutely! The user case is overwhelming.

My wife is completely uninterested in checking motion alerts, so at the moment I have no choice but to leave her out of being a “Member” - but that increases my frustration with the number of alerts I receive!!!

Come on guys - please recognise this is an important feature request that actually makes the Canary user-friendly.


I agree. I am using my canaries for elder care and it would be great for the facility to have access to the videos as well, but not all of the permissions.


Definitely interested in this for kids presence.


Completely agree with this. We don’t want the nanny to have access to our membership or previous recordings but she should be able to watch live. Because we can’t control this we have opted to not use a canary flex in the nursery and have to use a separate monitor.



I want my indoor canaries always recording, but I have to set it to private when I’m home because I don’t want everyone who has access to be able to view them.



I was thinking something like the OWNER user can edit and modify permissions of each member

The permissions would be:

Access to Each Camera (Live)
Access to Each Camera (History)
Access to Request Downloads
Access to Change current Mode (Away, Home, Private)
Access to view Membership Settings
Access to modify address settings
Access to view/modify device settings
Access to view/modify mode settings
Access to view/modify members (phone numbers, email)
Access to modify emergency numbers
Ability to engage alarm
Access to user rights management (for all users except the OWNER user, and themselves)
Member Deletion Right (Again not OWNERS and Themselves)

So there is three types of members

Owners - First Account created with FULL ACCESS Rights. (Can Delete Members)

User Admins - Accounts given the rights to manage user rights on behalf of OWNER but can’t manage owners (can only delete if given rights too)

Members - No Admin Rights only allowed to do what the Owners or User Admins have give access to.

Examples of who would have the member types:

Owners - Homeowners, Office Managers, Parents, etc.
User Admins - Others with the same needs as owners as there can only be one owner.
Members - Extended Visitors, Nannys, Nurses, Kids, Maids, etc

Hopeful this can give a idea!


This is a great idea. I have family members that frequently watch my daughter when myself and her mother are away for work and it would be beneficial to know when they arrive or depart the house.

It would also help with our geofencing / auto-arm issue we have… when we leave, it arms on our family members and we have to disarm the system from the app… having a standard member profile with no camera access would solve this problem for sure.


Is there any way to create a custom member role for people who frequently come to my house? I have a petsitter who spends the nights when we go on vacation and a housekeeper who cleans my house every other week. I would like to add them as members so the Canary system recognizes when they come and go (by their phones), but I do not want them to have access to the video feeds or any account settings. I merely want the system to recognize them and switch the mode from “Away” to “Home” (or “Private”) and log their visit.

Ideally, I would like this to be implemented with the semi-private “Home” mode request I made in a separate thread. Especially for the housekeeper, I’d like the system to switch to a semi-private mode that does not record every triggered motion. However, I’d like to be able to watch the live feed at any time I wish. The current “Privacy” mode does not allow you to view the live stream at all, but the current “Home” mode always records motion-triggered events.


Hey @RobbW,

Went ahead and moved your comment into an existing thread for this request. Thanks for sharing your feedback on this!


Is it possible to set up different user accessibility for different cameras? For example, it would be nice to have one in the living room that everyone has access to but I may not necessarily want other people in the house have access to a camera in more sensitive areas like a bedroom.
This may coincide with @starbum post. I would like to receive alerts if activity is detected in my bedroom but not in general areas when I am away and my roommates are at home or with guests.


Duplicate of this post. Awesome that you support this idea too!


Love to read the support for this feature! It’s something I’ve personally wanted for my own Canary at home as well. What levels of permissions are you all looking for? And who would you invite to your location?


Not sure at the permission levels, but I’d want to add my in-laws, who may see nothing and who may change nothing (no rights whatsoever except that Canary switches modes when they arrive), my (in 6 years to be) teenage son with his smartphone, who may see some video, and change privacy/home/away, but may not change any settings and my wife, who may see everything, but is hardly interested in any settings.


This is the exact reason I would love to have this feature implemented. Please make this happen in a future update.


Definitely want this feature. We have multiple Canary devices in our house and it would be great to have different permissions for different members.

Excited to see if this will be implemented.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a wide range of permissions…from time period permissions, device permissions to even allowing people to use the app only vs web app only, etc


I love this idea, I have teenagers that would simply turn them off for various nefarious reasons.


I just got a couple of Canary units and want to buy more. I’m surprised there isn’t a feature to limit access. I live with my girlfriend and 4 kids. 3 of them are teens. There is benefit to having them as members for the at home functionality but don’t want to give them full access. Heck they can even do something against the rules and delete their recording. No bueno.


I agree with everyone on this issue its been on the board since Dec 2016 and yet nothing has been done. Canarys big news at CES was package detection - WHAT - if the camera detects motion then it should detect if someone approaches my house to take a package. App permissions is so much more important, with that they could get a firmer grip on the in home camera market which is what the all in one is supposed to be.


Exactly. I can’t believe that an app for a security type device has absolutely no security. This makes an otherwise great device terrible.