Limited member permissions


Just got a Canary View yesterday and am amazed that there’s no way to limit member permissions. So many other camera providers have this ability and it’s crazy to see that Canary doesn’t. This feature is still needed. I’m considering returning the camera just because of this alone.


I have created an account on this forum exactly to ask if this feature was existing. And I just fall on this subject :slight_smile: Well… finally, I’m really disappointed to see that this topic - very important, I fully agree with everybody - has been raised since 2016 without any beginning of an answer from dev team :frowning:


This would be a very useful feature, I hope this is implemented soon. Guest member access that becomes active when they are in the geofence would be great.


We would love this too!


It’s 2018 and this feature is still not on their radar. I think it’s time to move on too another product. I just emailed their tech support asking if this feature was available and I was told to post a message. Two years is way too long and still not available. Does anyone know of any product that will do this? Apparently it’s not that important to Canary. This request is not a difficult feat!!