Limited member permissions

Just got a Canary View yesterday and am amazed that there’s no way to limit member permissions. So many other camera providers have this ability and it’s crazy to see that Canary doesn’t. This feature is still needed. I’m considering returning the camera just because of this alone.

I have created an account on this forum exactly to ask if this feature was existing. And I just fall on this subject :slight_smile: Well… finally, I’m really disappointed to see that this topic - very important, I fully agree with everybody - has been raised since 2016 without any beginning of an answer from dev team :frowning:

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This would be a very useful feature, I hope this is implemented soon. Guest member access that becomes active when they are in the geofence would be great.

We would love this too!

It’s 2018 and this feature is still not on their radar. I think it’s time to move on too another product. I just emailed their tech support asking if this feature was available and I was told to post a message. Two years is way too long and still not available. Does anyone know of any product that will do this? Apparently it’s not that important to Canary. This request is not a difficult feat!!

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Astonishing that a security company doesn’t allow us to assign different levels of security to different people. It’s all or nothing. Have delayed getting more cameras waiting for 1) login access levels (who can change password, see footage only, see and download but not delete footage, 2) turn off microphone so audio is not recorded, 3) turn off night vision, 4) way to see only footage from a particular camera in timeline, 5) Allow bulk or email-style deletion of footage… and more. And my video is still blurry compared to the footage my friend gets from his system by a different brand. Am 4 cameras into Canary but willing to dump them if these aren’t resolved by my birthday. And no new cameras. Other companies have surpassed the Canary.

This is a pretty big gap in functionality at this point in time for the product. I do not want to give all-or-nothing admin level access to my mother-in-law because she watches my daughter 1 day a week. I also do not want to have to disable the system so that I am not receiving alerts all day long while I am away at work. I own the August smart lock and their app provides pretty granular user permissions. I can set my in-law’s access as a guest and narrow it down to particular days. Also a guest account does not expose the entire system to the guest user. There are a number of other smart security cam systems on the market now and this is a glaring omission in functionality. It is enough to make take a hard look at the competition. Especially since I own other smart security technology that handles guest access so well.

I just imagine my in-law getting access to the account and immediately snooping around any and all recordings in my account. Makes me cringe. So I make my home less secure and disable the system so that my phone is not blowing up with Canary alerts.


I need the ability to add guest member/users without them getting permissions to do anything in the app; just prevents me from getting notifications and treats their presence as being in home mode.