Limited member permissions


I have family that visit the house to walk pets and to check on things while we’re at work or on vacation. I would love to add them as a Member in Canary so that they are recognized (and not send me an alert). However, I don’t want to grant my family access to our video stream 24/7… for many reasons. Having a limited member permission that doesn’t grant video or archive access would be crucial to fit my need.

Having alert fatigue is becoming a real problem. I want Canary alerts to be an anomaly, not a normal part of my day.


Different permissions for cameras
Limited member roles for frequent household service people?

Agreed, some degree of permission level that would allow for this flexibility would be excellent and definitely reduce the risk of over time ignoring alerts because of too many “false positives.”

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I like this suggestion. Where I don’t have a need for this, I can see its usefulness.



I too would like to be able to grant my roommates limited access to the canary devices, but not full account access - I want them to be able to just view, not edit anything, and only view one canary device, not multiple.




I really like this. A close friend lives with me and I don’t necessarily want her to have access to everything but I also don’t really need to get an alert when she is home or see what she’s doing. Maybe a “parent” account with the ability to add/delete/modify access of “child” accounts/users. Maybe have some additional notification settings when someone gets/leaves the location if desired.

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This is good feedback. To dive a bit deeper into this, I’m wondering if anyone has any suggested use cases to add to the list we have going:

  • Roommates

  • Children


  • Different members of building security (i.e. landlords hold full control, residents receive limited viewing).

  • Small businesses - kennel/pet daycare can invite pet owners with limited access

Any other real-world scenarios this might benefit?



Different members of building security (i.e. landlords hold full control, residents receive limited viewing). Spouses who share an apartment/home. “Pet” owners (this may be very specific but in a setting such as a kennel a pet owner could be given permissions to watch their pet play via a single camera in the facility - obviously this can apply to more than just a kennel).



@Zev I updated my comment to reflect your suggestions. Let me know if I missed anything.

Re: spouses, is there any reason you wouldn’t invite them as a full-fledged member?


Training Canary / Tags

Well, let me put it this way… If I was married, I would have no problem sharing it fully. But let’s say my girlfriend lives with me half the time and lives elsewhere the other half, I might not want her to have full access when she isn’t around, or other things like that…:confused:



Ah, that makes sense! Thanks for clearing that up @Zev. That’s a valid use case.



Yeah man. My girlfriend, and siblings whom live outside the home can Benito from that sort of tech



In the meantime, there’s actually a workaround for this using Wink/IFTTT. It’s a bit cumbersome, but it might be the right solution for some. I’ll make a separate post about this very topic.



Just to follow up on my last comment, I recently made a post about connecting Canary with Wink, and how Wink connects to IFTTT.

In a nutshell, the person for whom you want to limit permissions to just geofence auto-arming and disarming would need to create an account with IFTTT and Wink.

The IFTTT recipe would look like:

IF - User enters or exits an area
THEN - Wink shortcut activates

The shortcut would need to be created in the Wink app first, before connecting it via IFTTT.

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I’m interested in trying this out, but it is a substantial investment away from HomeKit. I would prefer to keep Canary household management within Canary, then tie in other services to it.



@starbum Totally understandable. Just wanted to throw it out there.

This is a bit off-topic, and I might start a separate thread, but how do you currently use HomeKit? Follow-up: how would you like to see Canary integrate with HomeKit? What “recipes” (for lack of a better word) would be the most beneficial?



@Pete I currently use HomeKit to control my HVAC/Ecobee. I use it for Siri control and status reporting. I’d like to start using scenes, but I’m waiting for more maturity with logic conditions.

For HomeKit, my “scene” to be able to switch Canary modes via Siri, and specify a time period. Example, “Set Canary to Armed for the next hour” if I’m working in the backyard. Then resume its normal motion controls.

For automation, I’d want to switch the Canary to “Armed” mode whenever a door or window is detected as open, regardless of whatever setting it was in prior. I see that there may be a path to do such reactivity on Wink/IFTTT, so I actually would be OK giving that that ecosystem a look over. Your suggestions on that path are much appreciated!

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Such a great idea because we have some family who stays with us but when we leave the house and the person is upstairs the canary sounds off and it can get annoying. If the person had access but limited then we could track there in and out without the armed status on the cameras.

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In a family or multi person setting, this is really crucial.

It would be very useful if the “Admin” person could edit settings for members so they can add (or amend an existing member):

  • To receive notifications
  • To NOT receive notifications
  • To trigger alerts
  • To NOT trigger alerts

Can you please advise if you intend to implement this functionality and whether that is likely to be in the next 3 months or year etc?





Totally Agree this is a great addition

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Dont want to give the cleaning person full access or sister staying with us for a couple of weeks. +1

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