Limited member roles for frequent household service people?


Is there any way to create a custom member role for people who frequently come to my house? I have a petsitter who spends the nights when we go on vacation and a housekeeper who cleans my house every other week. I would like to add them as members so the Canary system recognizes when they come and go (by their phones), but I do not want them to have access to the video feeds or any account settings. I merely want the system to recognize them and switch the mode from “Away” to “Home” (or “Private”) and log their visit.

Ideally, I would like this to be implemented with the semi-private “Home” mode request I made in a separate thread. Especially for the housekeeper, I’d like the system to switch to a semi-private mode that does not record every triggered motion. However, I’d like to be able to watch the live feed at any time I wish. The current “Privacy” mode does not allow you to view the live stream at all, but the current “Home” mode always records motion-triggered events.

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