Loading live stream endless loading


Both flex cameras running latest firmware are connected to Wifi. When going to watch live it gets to the third step…"Loading live stream " and sticks there forever.

Anyone else experience this? Also, not recording any motion at all.



Yes, and most of it just recently. To add to the misery, my flex just spins and spins when trying to connect to both my tablet and New smartphone.I’ve rebooted the flex and started like it was new, and still nothing. Rebooted my wifi also with no luck. Discouraged with the whole thing of late


Hi guys - looks like there are residual issues with Flex after the initial resolution of a service incident last night.

Keep an eye on latest status here: https://status.canary.is/



well, as I suspected, I had to tap my flex on the table a couple times to get it to work. That’s when I heard the shutter? internally click. Then I knew it was fine. I remember having to do this over the summer for the same issue. Had our first cold snap so maybe that’s the culprit. Either way, I shouldn’t have to “tap it” (or smack it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) to get it to work. Good thing I have fairly easy access to it. Both my units are taking longer lately to view. More spinning where they rarely spun before a few weeks ago.


You certainly should not have to tap or smack the device at all. The click you heard was likely the infrared (IR) cut filter mechanically moving into place due to your hand covering the ambient light sensor - the device thought it was dark and went into night vision mode. This commonly occurs while holding the device.

Our service issues were resolved 3-4 hours ago.