Location Ownership Transfer


I have the following questions regarding Location Ownership Transfer that I was hoping somebody from Canary can assist with.

I currently have four Canary devices setup in my home. I just sold my house and need to transfer ownership of two cameras in that location to the new owner and remove two cameras from that location to take with me to my new home. I have read to article on how to do that but have a couple of questions.

  1. When I do an ownership transfer does the new owner have access to the past 30 days of recordings from the two cameras that I left in the house? If so how can I delete all this history before he takes ownership?
  2. Will the video history from the 2 cameras I am removing from the location still be available? If so how do I purge it also?
  3. When I transfer ownership does the new owner inherit my prepaid Canary membership? If so how do I take it with me?
  4. Is there a better approach then transfer ownership that satisfy the above questions?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

*Additional Info:A Ticket has already been created with support and I have already read the article for Ownership transfer on the Canary Website



Thanks for reaching out, I’d be happy to assist with your questions.

In this instance the best way to proceed is instead of following the ownership transfer steps, I would recommend removing the two devices you are looking to give away from your account. This will then allow the new owner to set them up as if they were completely new on their own account. The steps for removing these two devices from your account can be found here.

I will answer your questions assuming we are moving forward with removing the devices instead of the ownership transfer process:

  1. When removing a device from your account, it completely disassociates it from any history it had while it was on your account. So when the new user goes to setup the Canary they will have no access to anything that was previously recorded on your account.

  2. After these devices are removed from your account you will still retain any events that are within the Timeline or bookmarked. This is due to the fact that all events/video are associated with the location they are on, and not the devices themselves.

  3. In regards to the Membership, since the new owner will be setting up these devices as if they were brand new, they will not receive your Membership. The best way to proceed for you in this instance will be to update your current location with the new information for your home. Steps on how to update the address for your new home can be found here - How can I update my location’s name and address?

    If you are also changing the router/network information required for Canary to connect at your new home, you will also need to follow these steps - How do I change Canary’s Wi-Fi connection?

  4. Yes, the better approach is to remove the two devices from your account, instead of transferring ownership of your location.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if there is anything else I can assist with.



Thanks for your prompt response, that totally makes sense, I will follow the instructions outlined and if I have any issues I will let you know.