Longer power cord for Flex


I’ve mounted my Flex about 10 feet off the ground on the outside of my house and was able to hide the power cord behind some siding trim at the corner of the house. The power cord is a bit short to plug into an existing outdoor outlet that is mounted down near the top of the basement wall, 2 ft off the ground. I have temporarily run an extension cord up the side of the wall to see how the Flex is working in that location. Now that is has proven itself over a couple weeks of use, I need to run some outdoor wiring off that existing outlet box and mount another outlet box higher to plug in the Flex without an extension cord. It would be great of you offered a Flex power cord that was about 10 to 12 feet long. I tried a USB extension but that didn’t allow power to get to the Flex. It stayed on battery power until I removed the USP extension and plugged the power cord into the AC extension cord.


Need replacement flex power cord AND option for longer cable
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Just buy a usb extension cable…



"Just buy a usb extension cable"
Tried that already (read my original post) It didn’t get power to the Flex, it stayed on battery until I removed the USB extension and plugged it in directly with the power cord provided.



Agree completely about needing some long power cord options. I tried an extender, which didn’t work and now my usb connecter is rusted. I need both a replacement 8ft cord which doesn’t exist and longer cable so I don’t have to use an extender.



I second the need for a longer cable for outdoor mounting. I mounted the unit above the front door of my home now I have an unattractive plug to make the connection to the power source.



I have a Flex and Nest outdoor cameras. The Nest gives you a 25ft power cord and Canary an 8 foot cable with no option for a longer one. I’m mounting the camera outdoors and need about 20-25 feet. Also, my current cable is damaged, but I see no option to purchase one, help!



Would it work for you to just get an outdoor extension cord? If you needed to protect it from the elements, use a box like this: http://amzn.to/2oCfx9G To keep it safe in the rain!



Hi there, an extension cord could work, but would be clunky putting the canary power adapter and usb connector in the rain, even with a protective box. My current routing between my deck slates requires a thin cable like the current 8ft one. Using a USB extender doesn’t provide enough power, so would like an EOM solution.


Canary Flex firmware 3.1.0 release notes

The Canary adapter is actually very low profile, I would expect it would fit great in there… As for a thinner extension cord, I would suggest taking a look at something like this: http://amzn.to/2pUKqrM



Hi @vududeman,

I’ve gone ahead and merged your post in with an existing topic requesting a longer cable for Canary Flex.

If your current cable is damaged, you can submit a ticket to our support team and they can help with getting you a replacement.

Hope that helps!



Thank you everyone for taking the time to share your thoughts. We don’t have any plans to sell a longer power cable for the Canary Flex at this time, but we’ll definitely keep your feedback in mind.



I have a similar situation to yours. However I’m thinking of purchasing a USB charging booster. Something like Dr charge booster. It’s output is 5v and up to 2.1Amps. Would this work. Has anyone else tried that?



Desperately could do with a longer power lead here too!



I bought a USB extension cable from Maplin to extend the cable on my All-in-one and it seems to be working fine.