Low Quality Image in App 2.7.0


I installed the new 2.7 IOS version, but I’ve to say that the quality of the Live view actually became less clear.
For example, leaves of plants cannot be recognised anymore, its an unclear green area.

I was perfectly pleased with the previous version of the app, can I re-install v.2,6x? or is this issues caused by hardware “improvements” ?

Canary Camera Quality
Mobile app v2.7.0 [iOS & Android]
Mobile app v2.7.0 [iOS & Android]

I have to agree with @aw23. The video quality has been significantly degraded since our AIOs’ firmware was upgraded to v2.0 and my iPhone app was updated to v2.7. To be perfectly blunt, it SUCKS! And if I attempt to use the two-way talk feature, the video quality degrades even further to the point of becoming severely pixelated.


Here are a couple screenshots showing the picture quality on my iPhone after the app/firmware upgrades. It is horrendous!


I have separated the above posts from the previous topic to help get these issues taken care of. I am also tagging @angie and @matt who should be able to help work through this issue with members who are having difficulty.

Would you both mind giving a few more details about the issue:

  • What devices are you using to view your streams?
  • Are you experiencing issues with both LTE/Cellular and WiFi (I see the images show you were connected to LTE at the time you took those screenshots).
  • How is your AIO connected? WiFi or Ethernet?
  • Have you tried restarting your devices? (Unplug them and plug back in)
  • Are these issues only affection your AIOs or are you experiencing degradation on your Flex devices as well?



Hi @aw23 and @RobbW,

One of the improvements we’ve brought to Watch Live is the introduction of automatic video quality adjustment. This will automatically lower video quality in situations where your home network is a little slower or your phone is on a poor connection so you can still stream live video without delay. If you have a fast connection on both ends, you should see the same high quality video in Watch Live that you did prior to the update.

If you’re experiencing this consistently on a fast network, you might want to check out our Help Center article for Watch Live. There is a section that will walk you through troubleshooting steps for low quality video. If this doesn’t help, please open a ticket with our support team and we’d be happy to look into it for you.

Hope that clarifies!

Mobile app v2.7.0 [iOS & Android]

Got the same issue and I’m using a quick connection on both sides. Can we turn this feature of?


You guys are lucky to have at least some kind of live feed. Mine stopped working completely (checking every day since the “update”), all I see is a spinning “loading” circle. Paying member too.
It would be nice to be able to turn this “feature” off. Clearly it’s very buggy.


Hey there,

Ever since the latest firmware update, the quality of our Canary camera has degraded when we’re using the “Watch Live” feature. I’ve tried restarting my internet to see if that would help, but the issue is still there.

Does anyone have any solutions for this?

Thanks in advance!



I have merged your post with an existing topic about this.

As explained above by Angie, this information should help answer your question.


I’m having the same problem since the firmware update. Video quality watching the live feed on my Android is awful. Was fine before?


Thanks for your feedback, everyone. Our Product team is aware, and we’re looking into improving the experience.


Hey there,

Does this mean you’re going to remove the feature that automatically decreases/increases the Canary’s video quality? I kind of actually like that concept. Or does that mean you’re trying to keep this feature, but improve it, so the quality is a little more clear?




Can anyone offer suggestions? When I view my app in live mode and it plays fine in portrait but when I switch it to landscape view it doesn’t show my live video. It only shows a blurr and doesn’t come into view and just a spinning circle as if it’s trying to get into focus? Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.


Is this resolved? I have two flex cameras now and one has a much lower quality than the other in live despite being on the same network!