Mobile app v.2.2.0 [iOS & Android]


Released Wednesday, February 8 2017.

  • Spanish Language Support
  • Auto-login from App -> Webapp when purchasing membership
  • Flex siren UX updates
  • Improved the video player to show video loading progress and thumbnail previews as your scrub forward or rewind (iOS only)
  • Added haptic feedback for iPhone 7 users with iOS 10 to a few important actions in the app (iOS only)


This release is super buggy for me. I opened a ticket but i keep getting a pop up telling me “Language Updated. This change will translate the app…” and the only button is Update.

However I have never changed my language. Also the live video seems to pause a lot.


I also get the same problem. Get a notification that Language will be updated, only for the application to be opened later and continue to get the same message over and over again everytime I restart the app.


Same issue. App is constantly telling me the language is updated now. This couldn’t have been worse timing as I installed a new Canary in my dad’s house as he is away in Spain. He created the account and I added the device. I figured the language pop-up was something to do with him registering a home address of his current location in Spain.
Glad to see it’s not just me!

Off topic how do I remove his Spanish “home” address as the app is constantly thinking he is at home when he’s the complete opposite? I can’t see a way to delete the Spanish home address.


I’m getting the same issue here. Thought I was crazy because I know I didn’t change my language settings. But it’s glitchy because it pops up while I’m trying to view video, then I am forced to press “update”. When I do, it brings me back to the home screen in the app, and I have to go through back to where I was last at in the app…it’s annoying when I am actively trying to monitor something outside right now…ugh

Update language

Thanks for the feedback all - we’re investigating.

UPDATE: We’ve isolated this issue to Android and are working on a fix. We will release an updated Android build with a fix as soon as possible.

Update language

New 2.2.1 Android build has been released with a fix for that pesky language pop up. You can download it from Google Play here.


Using iOS and not getting any kind of language pop-up. Video playback and live viewing are working without issue on Flex and OG Canary.