Mobile app v2.5.0 [iOS & Android]


Hi all, we’re happy to announce the latest mobile release 2.5.0, which includes:

  • Masking - you can now create a mask to exclude zones in your Canary All-in-One’s field of view, reducing unwanted notifications and video. (This latest feature requires firmware version 1.4.5).
  • Location management - locations with no devices can now be deleted from within the app.
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

You can read more about the different use cases for Masking in our blog post here, and we’d love to hear about how you’re going to set up masks in your home.



Will Masking come to the Flex? Makes no sense to exclude the Flex from this

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Hey @copey, just posted a response in feature request room. Ultimately, building the appropriate experience for Canary Flex is a bit tricky, especially when the device runs on battery and relies on the PIR sensor; but we’re looking to address. The feature update is on our radar; unfortunately we don’t have a timeframe for release. Your feedback is helping us prioritize though.

Thank you!


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