Mobile app v2.9.0 [iOS & Android]


We’re pleased to announce the latest mobile app version 2.9.0. This latest release includes:

  • New Home mode setting to allow Watch Live without motion activated recording (requires firmware version 2.2.0)
  • Improvements to the location setup experience.
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • This will be our last release for users on iOS 9. From now on, installing updates of Canary will require updating to a newer OS.

Firmware 2.2.0 will begin to rollout tomorrow and throughout the course of the week.

Thank you


Hi there!

Since my phone installed that update, the Canary app no longer works on my Phone (SIIIneo). App crashes during start without any exception.


Since the release my system has had several new issues. My three in one didn’t exit night mode at the time set, my front door flex didn’t display live video while I was watching someone standing and walking back and forth in front of the camera. The video was captured as a motion event that I could watch 15 minutes latter but was not visible live. My three in one was recording video when it should have been in Private mode after exiting night mode. Maybe these will clear up after firmware updates.


Thanks for your feedback. We are aware of two crashes since the app has been released. The first occurs during audio setup of new devices and the second occurs during launch. Affected devices are all running Android KitKat version 4.4. Can you confirm your phones software version?

We will release a fixed build of the Canary app as soon as we can.


Thanks for letting us know Ron. We had some system instability lately that would have affected the delivery of notifications, videos and mode changes. Our engineers are working around the clock to ensure Canary cloud uptime. You can always check the Canary Status Page to see if any services are currently impacted.


Yes, version running is Android 4.4.2


@matt there have been to many instability issues since 9/21. What is causing all this? I’m glad to see the canary team fixing them but there have been to many issues lately and repetitive ones, more than I would like to see as a consumer. Thanks


We are very sorry about the issues you and our other customers have been experiencing. Our team of engineers is actively working on resolving the issues to ensure continued and reliable service.


I still am experiencing random failure of my front door camera. This Flex was very reliable before so I’m assuming the issue is that you are not capturing all motion video streams. I am also experiencing delays on the order of one hour for video to show up in app.


That was quick!
Thanks a lot. Seems to work fine now.

… one exception: it still crashes when I try to edit the geofencing …


I think I found a bug with your update - can you please fix this?


We did release a hot fix yesterday afternoon for Android to address the crashes you were seeing, I will be sure to investigate the crash you mentioned on editing geofencing today with our mobile engineers.


Sounds good to me, thanks.
The geofencing thing is not the most important thing to me (though quite interesting).
Most important was to get the app back running again.


Is it legal to put free advertised features behind a paywall after everyone has already purchased? Why is night mode behind a paywall?