Mode Switching Not working

Lately I have been having an issue with auto mode switching and geofencing…
everything works on the app, It knows me or my wife are gone or home but whatever I do … it doesn’t switch automatically to away or home when we both are away or home …
I have had my system for 3 years and I’m very familiar with how it is supposed to work.
-Location service has been allowed on both Iphone and Canary app.
-I tried reinstalling both apps, which asks for location service permission again

  • I have set the auto mode to off and then on
  • the address in geofencing is right
  • I’m running out of ideas …
    any suggestions?

Thank you

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Same issue. Have done everything Canary says to do with zero positive results. Seems to have become an issue after the latest Apple IOS update.

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Hello @Rpshipley and @Kameelr,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and apologies for any frustration this has caused.

We did push out an update this morning on the backend which we believe may resolve the issues you described. Can you please let us know if your experience has improved at all since this morning?


This seems to be resolved now.

Thank you!!

Sean, today was the first opportunity for both of us to leave the house. Modes shifted correctly both leaving and returning. Thank you for the fix.
Richard Shipley

Thanks for letting us know the issue seems to be resolved! If anything else comes up please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Hi everyone! I’m still having this issue as I just uncovered it the other day ago for myself. Was the update that was pushed addressed for iOS 13.5? If so, then this may be another issue with iOS 13.5.1 since that was recently pushed to iOS devices. Thoughts?

I am on the latest iOS and their fix resolved the issue for me. It was a patch on their end it wasn’t pushed through the app so I doubt the iOS version matters.

Hey @sfabay, sorry to hear you’re still having this issue. Could you confirm your Device Firmware version and app version? Your iOS version shouldn’t matter, but the app and firmware may tell us some information.

If everything is looking A-OK there, I would recommend reaching out to Canary directly so they can look at your specific account.

I “think” it has been resolved. I had to do the following:

Log off
Power off
Wait 5 minutes
Power On
Download Canary
Log back in

Hope this helps someone else out there!

Glad that it’s working for you now, @sfabay!