More accuracy in terms of caparuting footage


To make along story short, i would prefer to see individuals the entire time they are in a particular area, but too often my canary will show a individual for two seconds before the subject “dispersing” like frames are missing.

If you want specifics, i can provide that!


I notice this but not often. Mine does this on rare occasions, usually only when there is a continuous in and out of frame in a short period of time and within a segment of recorded video. My sensitivity is set to second bar from the lowest. I hope this helps. Do you notice the same or is it all the time?


I have put up the sensitivity settings and than noticed that it will show video much smoother.


@thomasdacey1 and @wa.ellis believe me when i tell you that i mecefully ise that sensitivity bar to the max, and yet i still have things framing out. Its the only true caviat i have about my canaries!


@ryclar Definitely doesn’t sound like normal behavior. If the problem persists, I’d recommend contacting our support so we can dive into your personal setup a bit deeper, but this sounds like wireless interference.

I just created a new (but not exhaustive) guide for this. Take a look and see if it helps:

Edit: This may also be related to your network settings/router. Do you know the make and model?


I have two Asus routers creating a ‘mesh’ network that im going to replace with Google wifi real soon


i get this occasionaly as well as “freezing” when watching live


I also have this problem there are also plenty of others saying the same thing, but it’s always blamed on the individuals setup which is a shame.