More actionable information about air quality


I’d love to dive into the Health topic a bit more. At the moment, I don’t trust it. I have no good insight into what specifically is wrong with my air quality. I’ve taken measures in the house to try to improve it with no effect. At best the recommendation from Canary support was to reset the Canary, but I still have no actionable information about my air quality.

Track and export HomeHealth data over longer periods of time

I was certain that Canaries track carbon monoxide, but im not even sure if such an ability is accurate enough, but not a replacement to a CO detector.


Hey @starbum, just FYI I’ve started a new thread on this topic.


I would love to know more about that as well.


We’ve thought a lot about this. Just in case anyone hasn’t already, please fill out the HomeHealth survey we sent out a week or so ago! Those answers go straight to one of our product designers.


here’s a link to a Help Center article pertaining to this particular subject. On the page Canary states this:

Note: While Canary’s air quality sensor can detect carbon monoxide and smoke, Canary isn’t a replacement for a dedicated carbon monoxide or smoke detector in your home.

When the canary states my air quality is “abnormal” I get nervous. Why is it “abnormal”? smoke from cooking? Carbon monoxide? It stinks in the room? I wish it was specific.


I maybe off base here but it sounds like the air quality is really checking the level of the CO2. Since so many people get confused with the term “Air Quality” and what that literally means, including myself, if this is really a check of the CO2 levels, then it should be labeled as such, i.e., “CO2 Level”. Proper definition of what this is and normal situations where this can be elevated would help a lot of people’s understanding here. I’m no expert with air quality but I know if CO2 levels are high then it is likely because the doors are closed, no air is running, and/or the room is filled with stale/exhaled air, which I know build up quicker in small areas, etc.

I understand the term “Air Quality” is less alarming than something like CO2 levels being elevated or high in a room but call it what it is.

My 2 cents.



@wa.ellis Air Quality actually looks at quite a few things! Specifically, Canary monitors the following:

  • Iso-butane
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Hydrogen
  • Ethanol
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Cooking odors

When you first install your Canary, it looks at the air over the first 24 hours and establishes this as a baseline for what’s “normal” for your home. Air Quality will then look for deviations from this norm. “Abnormal” Air Quality means the air looks different than it did during that initial 24 hour period. You can recalibrate it at any time by unplugging the device for 15 minutes, which will reset those sensors.

Hope that clarifies the current functionality a bit!


I used to get abnormal alerts for no apparent reasons. I’m sure it is picking up on something but the alert isn’t helpful unless you know what caused the alert. I raised my alert level to the highest “very abnormal” level but never found out what set it off. Eventually I turned off air quality alerts all together because it went off too much with no answer for why. I’d like to have it refined so I could turn the alerts back on.


I found a similar thing when I lived in Manhattan, but when I moved to Brooklyn, this went away. I think at times “abnormal” may be “normal” for some people in certain locations (especially major cities).


I even added an air purifier in my house but it made no difference in the alerts. I love the air quality sensor I just wish I could use the alerts.


it would be really interesting to know which of the pollutants is setting the device notification


Yep, not enough information to do anything with it. What does it mean ??


No idea what’s going on here? Today Canary shows “very abnormal air quality” while two other devices Netatmo and my Dyson Pure Hot+Cool link see not problem at all.


Agree. The very generalized Normal/Abnormal report is virtually useless without some indication of what specifically is generating the condition. Canary inexplicably shows Abnormal air quality shifts at various times with no apparent change in interior situation - no cooking, no smoking, etc. Is it possible to report baseline and current readings?


I agree that what it gives you is basically useless. We get an alert that our air quality is “very abnormal” every morning pretty much, and it stays abnormal through the day, then drops to normal at night. What on earth could cause that? It doesn’t correspond to when we turn on/off the hvac. It starts before we’ve even gotten up to let the dogs out, so it’s not the opening of the door or cooking breakfast. We half wonder if it is just plain not working correctly, but without details, who knows?


I’ve thought this whole air quality thing was a joke from the beginning, pretty much useless in my opinion.


It is beyond useless. It is insulting.


Hi Everyone!
I have got a problem in this week with the air quality, it’s all the time in the abnormal and very abnormal mode, I made picture when the camera was in the open window and the air quality is like this:

doesn’t matter the open windows, if we aren’t home, no cook, no heat on, but the windows open is the same and I’ve just got the notifications: “air quality is abnormal”. It is really annoying. I have 5-10 notificatoins a day and night time as well. So many times I just plug out becouse really annoying. If I put it on the open windows is the same.Have anybody got the same problem in this week?


and I share a picture the camera was here when I made the photo above. Shouldn’t be abnormal on the open window! It’s started on this week and if nobody home still same in daytime. And night time as well.