More actionable information about air quality


@Szandra, I am not sure where you live but in New York City, I found that the air quality was often considered “Abnormal” by Canary. This is due to the fact that the air quality here is actually not ideal. Depending on what part of the city you’re in you’ll notice better and/or worse air quality.

If you live in a city, this may be what is going on. Pollutants in the air could be triggering these abnormal readings even when to our senses it seems “normal”. Could that be what’s going on for you?


Hi Zev!
I live in the United Kingdom in a small town Crewe. I don’t know how is the air qualiti in the town, but it was warm with no rain. So could be smog but I can find out at today night because it’s raining now.


Yeah! See if that could be the issue, but if you are still getting readings that don’t seem to make sense, go ahead and Submit A Ticket to Canary so they can look at your individual device.


Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of your feedback about the HomeHealth feature on Canary All-in-One. I can certainly understand the interest in seeing more detailed Air Quality information, and we have been reading all of your comments about this with great interest.

The air quality sensor used in the Canary All-in-One can detect changes in the chemical makeup of the air in your home, and will alert you when the air seems different than what is normal for your environment. This is a general indicator that you can use along with other information from your Canary to determine if something unusual is going on. For example, if your air suddenly spikes to very abnormal you may want to check Watch Live to see if there is smoke in the home or a window has suddenly been opened. However, the hardware sensor does have its limitations and isn’t able to determine exactly what chemical is being detected and in what percentage.

We’d urge everyone to invest in a dedicated smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector if you don’t already have one. If you are particularly concerned about your air quality, there are also devices on the market which can tell you much more specific information about the chemical makeup of the air in your home.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all about this and we’re happy to help.


Air Quality Abnormal

Will update be coming ? Get a lot of abnormal air alerts. . Have co2 detectors that show no problems. Have had some health problems (unknown causes) that could relate to air quality. What does the canary detect and how accurate?


Hi Jahn,

In addition to my previous explanation, here is the overview screen from the app.

An abnormal alert does not necessarily mean it is co2 related.



This seems to be a long time request. Canary states it can detect multiple air pollutants. I cannot believe that they can not break them out. My guess is the sensor they are using does not allow for it. Maybe a firmware upgrade but, it seems to be a feature that many want.


I also would like to get a better breakdown of what the air quality sensors are sensing. I often wonder what exactly has initiated a spike. The more information provided the better for me. Perhaps a tab that you can select on the graph for a more detailed breakdown. Or an alert notifying you what particular pollution is affecting the air at that time.

If the Carary does indeed sense all of the above then it would be great to see what percentage or some kind of measurement of polution of each that is contributing to “normal” “abnormal” and “very abnormal”.

Look forward to this is an update soon!


There’s a lot of dust in my house. (Live in the desert 100 feet from a busy street.) Seems to spike when I turn radiant heater (no fan) on. Maybe also when the door is opened. And when I took a shower… note the humidity spiked at the same time. Wonder if the sensor “sees” the dust?



Yes the Canary Air Quality Monitor does pick up dust.

Here’s more information on what the sensor can detect: