Motion detection does not work, no notifications, empty timeline



Purchased Canary a couple of days ago and was enjoying it so far. Looks cool, switches from Home to Away and vice versa without any issues (Android). I was happy with it until today, when I wanted to test the actual motion detection and notifications delay time.

I have disabled automatic mode-switching from within the app, disabled by phone’s wifi and bluetooth, hid in the corner where the camera can’t see me and manually switched to away mode. The camera’s bottom light turned on, I have waited about a minute and then jumped out in front of it. I was walking around the room for good 5 minutes, but have received no notifications at all. Timeline is completely empty.

I have cleared app data, reinstalled the app, restarted the phone numerous times, but it just doesn’t send me any notifications and timeline remains empty. I have tried night mode with notifications enabled - nothing.

So, I am just wondering if the device might be faulty or am I doing something wrong? What is the best way to test if it actually detects motion and functions as intended?

Thank you in advance.


Can you describe (or if you can take a picture, show) where the Canary is and what it is looking at?

Also what are your motion settings set to?


Thanks for your reply. I have increased the motion settings to a maximum and it now works without any issues. I have no pets, so it works for me. I gave it a couple of weeks to test and it seems to perform great. Thanks for your suggestion, I missed the motion settings somehow :slight_smile:

Now, I have another question.
I just arrived home and Canary was off. I checked the app and it detected me that I arrived home at 21:00. The thing is - I arrived home at 21:05 (opened my door). So, I was just wondering how it detected me? I live in a building, 9th floor. When I come home, I drive below my balcony into the garage. I doubt that my wifi works outside on the ground floor (might be the case though, I will check). What is the distance that the Canary detects me as “home”? Can that value be altered (decreased) in any way?

Thank you in advance!


Canary draws a 50 meter radius around your home (as set within the Address settings in the app) to determine if you’re home or not. At this time there isn’t a way to decrease or increase that radius. The Canary app looks at multiple factors beyond your Wi-Fi network to determine your location, and it is very possible for it to detect you as home when you arrive on the ground floor. Generally speaking, the Canary app is not going to be able to distinguish between you being in the basement or 100 stories up if it’s at the same GPS coordinates because your phone’s location services can’t determine this.

You can find more details about how our location detection works on this Help Center article:

How does Canary know when I’m Home or Away?

Hope that helps clarify things! Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Ah I see. Thank you very much, Angie!