Multiple user locations

I have three cameras, two flexes and one standard. I set up the standard and one flex at one location and the last flex at a “different location” at the same house to limit other users from accessing that camera. Now the single flex will recognize when I’m home but the other two won’t. Can you help?

@apowers1628 This is due to having multiple locations with the same address. You can only be recognized as being “home” in one Canary location at a time.

Do you need the lone Flex to switch modes automatically? If not, turning off auto mode switching for that location would be your best bet.

Happy to answer any follow-up questions!

I have two different residences, how can I monitor both locations on one account?

Hey @lgoracke,

I would recommend that if you are managing multiple locations you disable the Auto-Mode Switching on your account. This will allow you to manually set when you want to set the “Home” mode and the “Away” modes and just set it up as a single address.