My Canary caught a cardinal



This is awesome, what a shot!

Would you be able to share the video? We’d love to see it—we often share fun videos with our users with a #caughtbyCanary round up once a month, as well as on social media, and think people would love to see this.


I thought I downloaded it but can’t find it. All I have is the still

Randy Brienen


All good! Are you OK with us using the screenshot in a tweet?

Also, in future, if you ever want to store a clip indefinitely in the Canary app, you can use bookmarks!


I have a Robin who likes to perch on the downspout near where my Flex is mounted. It flies past and sometimes sits on top of my Flex. Today the Flex caught a territorial dispute between a couple of Robins.


Do you have that running on battery power? If not it would be a pain to take that down to charge all of the time.


It’s plugged in. I just wired up a new outdoor weatherproof box with an outlet inside to plug in the Flex and the IR illuminator.