New Battery Settings Feature Bricked my Flex


Flex was working fine until I changed the new battery settings option in the new software update. After update setting was on Mid range. Decided to see how it would work on Short range. After changing it, tested it. Flex did not pick up anything even though I was only about 6 feet from it. Decided to put it back on Mid range & after doing so it also picks up nothing. Apparently this new “feature” wasn’t tested before sending out the update so now I have a Bricked Flex.


Hi @wateron,

I’m very sorry to hear your Canary Flex is giving you trouble! Can we check a few things to try and localize the problem?

First, are you able to view Watch Live, or is this not loading at all?

Can you try doing a power cycle reset of your Canary Flex?

Let us know how it goes! You might also want to submit a ticket or give our support team a call for more in-depth troubleshooting.


I can watch live but as I said the Flex picks up no motion activities since I changed the battery settings. Haven’t done a power cycle reset yet as that is a pain taking it down but I will when I have time as the Flex is currently useless