New ipad activation made Canary Flex cameras go off line


I got a new iPad. When I downloaded the app and went on line, both my Canary Flex cameras went off line. After 8 minutes they came back on line. Just curious what happened?


Hey @Exscream,

It’s unlikely that the new iPad caused this as far as I am aware. The Canary devices don’t rely on a single iOS device but are instead saved to your account. It’s possible that when you first signed it the devices changed your location or settings regarding your current status (Home/Away/Private).

As long as everything is working now it should be all set to go on your new device. I regularly check on both my iPhone and iPad without issues!


I agree. I think that the problem was caused by the router. I have a lot of devises connected to it. I have five Canary cameras and only the two Flex units went off. They do get the weakest signal. I wish these outdoor units would have @ better antenna.