Newbie setup membership issue


Hello, my wife (iOS) and I (android) share an account, ie. she is a “member” in the account. When I leave the house even though she is still present at home, the Canary switches into away mode and therefore records as motion detected. For some reason, it is not registering her phone, even when data, wi-fi, and location service is on.

It might be because she is logged on using my same account (same login name and password). However when I sent her an invite to add as a member and try a brand new sign in, when go through the steps to try to pair her phone with the Canary, it says it is already registered to someone else (me)!

So how to I add members so that the modes switch correctly?


Hi @Princeb,

You’re correct that it would not be able to accurately detect who is home and who is away if you’re both logging into the app with the same login credentials. She’ll want to login using her own email and password.

As for it not letting her pair, she does not need to pair the Canary on her account. The Canary only needs to be paired once, during initial installation. After that it is online and knows your Wi-Fi network. Additional Members can just be added to the account and will automatically have access to the Canary, they don’t need to go through the installation again. Hope that clarifies things!


Hi Angie,

So I try to add a member and sent my wife the member invite from my main account to her email via my app. She opens her email clicks on the link and then has to log in. She has to “create” a new account and then automatically it proceeds to regular new “set up” the canary, ie. have to enable bluetooth and touch the top of the Canary to connect. This is where I get stuck because it says that the Canary is already registered to another user (me).

What am I doing wrong? How do I bypass this installation?


I don’t see that she is currently a Member of your Location. Can you please invite her again, have her accept invite and try logging into the app?

If you’re still getting stuck I’d recommend opening a ticket with our support team so they can look into this further.


I’ve added and deleted her multiple times to troubleshoot. When she logs in for the “first time”, how does she “associate” the app with my Canary without going through installation and connecting through bluetooth?


Your Canary is associated with the Location you created when you first installed it. You are inviting her as a Member to that Location. When she signs in, since she is a Member of the Location she will be able to view the Canary automatically.

I’d have her log out of the app, then invite her to join the account again, paying close attention to the email you send the invite to. Have her accept the invitation, then log into the app, making sure she’s logging in using that exact same email. She should then have access to view the Canary without doing anything further.