Night Mode DST bug?



I am trying to adjust night mode to turn on at 11 PM, and turn off at 5 AM. But when I tap Save and go back to the night mode settings screen, the time reverts to 10 PM and 4 AM.

Is there a DST bug? I have the latest version of the iOS app. Thanks!

[Bug] Daylight savings time adjustment
Night mode one hour offset

@DualShock This is not expected behavior and you are correct in identifying this as a DST bug that affects iOS users only. This bug was recently identified internally and reported to our iOS development team. It should be corrected in the next scheduled iOS app release 2.4.

Thanks for the feedback!


I noticed something similar this morning. I have night mode set to 11 pm to 5 am and it did not enter night mode last night, but did this morning at about 5 am. I had to manually go to Home mode. I didn’t check yesterday if it entered night mode but will see if this occurs again tonight. I am running the Android app vs. iOS app.


I just started having the same issue today. Canary is supposed to go into night mode at 1130pm and turn off at 530am. Today it went into night mode at 629am and went off at 635am. I hate being a beta tester.


I have been getting alerts all day today and my wife is home, her icon shows she is home but something is not registering.


@mattmbennett @AudiS4 @Smbeal Our engineers were actively performing some system maintenance early this morning that may have resulted in delays in mode change commands being sent to the Canary cloud. If this behavior continues to occur do not hesitate to let us know and we will investigate!

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Ah that explains the fast blinking white light I saw this morning around 6 AM Eastern. It was around this same time that I also experienced the night mode issue the others observed. This is when I went into the app settings for night mode and noticed the DST issue.


Can Canary tell me the status of the fix on the one-hour error in setting auto switch to night mode


@ron2fs Moved your post into this discussion here, where we addressed the issue with Night mode and DST.


Canary doesn’t recognise daylight savings for the location when setting night mode. In the UK the clocks changed to BST two weeks ago and night mode is now an hour out.


I’m having the same issue with my 2 new Canary AIOs I received just yesterday. My night mode is scheduled for 12am - 6am. However, it auto-switched to night mode at 11pm and back to home mode at 5am. I have reset my schedule to 1am-7am until the DST bug is fixed.


Can you confirm if you are using iOS or Android?


Mine is switching an hour earlier also, rather annoying. Just started 2 days ago.


I have an iPhone and, therefore, am using the iOS app. Thanks.


Still seeing the same issue here. It is switching in and out of night mode 1 hour early.

I am running v2.4.0 of the iOS app.

(Although, when I originally started this thread, the values I set for turning night mode on and off would switch to 1 hour earlier when I exited and re-entered the settings screen. That issue is no longer occurring.)


I have V2.4 installed and still have the DST issue starting two days ago. I did not have the issue after v2.4 was first installed.


The issue of the schedule being off by 1 hour will be fixed in soon to be released v2.4.1 apps.


Thanks. No big deal since work around so obvious. Ron

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Android v2.4.1 was released earlier today. The iOS app is being tested and we hope to release soon.



iOS v2.4.1 has been released. All fixes are now out for all known Night mode schedule issues.