Night mode not switching in the morning


My night mode is set from 11pm to 5am. Each morning it acts like it is stuck in night mode until 730am or so sending alerts. Is there a known bug?


Yes, our engineers are actively investigating this. Hope to have a resolution soon.



Are there any updates to this yet?


A fix has been identified and is being tested. Thanks for your patience.



Ok, thanks Dave, hope to here it worked soon!


I’m also having this problem, good to know that I’m not alone :expressionless:


Hi all,

Our engineering team pushed a fix late last week which addressed the problem some users were experiencing where their location would not properly come out of Night mode.



Hi Dave, has this fix actually been sent out as the problem has just started for me this morning? My night mode is from 2330 to 0600 GMT and it’s now nearly 0700 and it’s still in night mode. If I manually select Home or Away mode it just flips back into Night mode. I’m awash with daytime alerts as a result.


Hi @dave.p,

Yes, this was fixed back in April of last year. Is this still occuring for you? We did have a service interruption around the time you reported the issue so it’s possible that was the cause.



Hi Dave, thanks for getting back. No it’s not happening anymore, I guess it was due to the outage you mention. The symptoms were exactly as per this thread hence my question, but all appears good again now.




Glad to hear it.