Night Vision


Night vision on my camera will turn on at night even in a well lit room. I like the automatic switch mode but some clarity in the image is lost in any night vision. I would like the option to override back into regular mode. I think that this goes along with many other posts wher people love the product but would like greater control over the device.


Thanks for the feedback @apowers1628! I’m curious to hear what other use cases there would be for this beyond instances where night vision is on when it shouldn’t be.

If your device is entering night vision in a well-lit room, this may be something we can troubleshoot. Is this a Canary or Canary Flex?


I’ve got this same problem. The unit switched between night vision and colour normally for the first day or two of use, but has been stuck in night vision ever since (about 3 weeks now). Any ideas how to fix it? Where abouts in the unit is the ambient sensor located, as I was thinking about shining a bright light directly at it to see if I can force it to change over.


Hey @srmoore1983, sorry for the delayed response! We do have a little trick that may help your Canary “snap out of it” if it gets stuck in night vision :slight_smile:

Please cover the Canary with a thick blanket or towel so that it’s completely blocked from light for a few seconds, then uncover it and immediately shine a flashlight directly into the camera lens. After this please test to see if night vision is activating properly when the room is dark and turning off when the room is bright.

Hope that helps!