No Live Feed From Canary


I am new to the Canary All-in-One. For the purpose of setting up the camera I would like to see what the camera will record. I swiped up on the application which brought up a menu. There was a selection “Watch Live”. When I selected this option I expected a video feed to my iPhone 6S. However, all I get is black screen with the words “Set to Private” in the middle of the display.

How do I get to a live feed so that I can set my Canary in the correct location?

Don Barar


Hi @DGBarar,

The message “Set to private” means that your Canary is set to a mode that shuts off all video and audio recording. This means you will not be able to view Watch Live and no video will be recorded as the camera is shut off. In order to view Watch Live and record video, you need to switch your Canary into a recording mode like Away.

I’d suggest reading through this article to get a better understanding of how Modes work on Canary:

Modes overview

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any additional questions!


Hi Angie,

Thank you for writing. It appears to me if I am in Home Mode, regardless of the setting for privacy I am unable to see live video. I have attached an image that shows two screen shots:

  • Image on Right. Home Mode. Set to Private Mode. Screen indicates “Set to Private”. No video feed as expected.
  • Image on Left. Home Mode. Not set to Private Mode. Screen indicates “Set to Private”. No video feed. This is not as expected.

Can you advise?

Don Barar


From looking at your screenshot, it looks like the “Set to private” toggle is on for the second image. Can you confirm this? Just tap the icon on the bottom left of the camera, and make sure the “Set to private” option at the bottom of the popup is turned off. Then see if Home mode correctly allows you to view video.


Hi Angie,

Again, thank you for the prompt reply.

For the image on the left, the “Set Location to Private” switch is set to off (switch in left position). But I still get a Set to private flag and no live video feed.

It appears to me, in the Home mode, regardless of the positon of the “Set Location to Private” switch I get a “Set to private” flag and no video feed.

This is different from the behavior in the Away mode, where toggling the “Set Location to Private” switch changes whether-or-not a live video feed can be viewed.

Does this additional information adequately explain what I am observing?

Don Barar


Can you please check the following setting for me?:

  1. Open the Canary app.
  2. Tap the three bars on the top right.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Modes.
  5. Tap Home mode.
  6. Under IN HOME MODE, make sure Record video is selected.

If instead Set to private is selected, your Canary will shut the camera off whenever you’re at home so you won’t be able to access Watch Live. You’d need to switch into Away mode to view live video.


Hi Angie,

That was the solution. Thank you.