No Siren on the canary flex?


Why is there no siren on the Canary Flex camera? Also how can I or is there a way to shorten the delay time on the canary flex?


Hi @ProcGirl,

There is no siren built into the Canary Flex. It does have a microphone and speaker which will be enabled for 2-way audio (speaking through the device) in the future, but does not have a siren option.

Are you using your Canary Flex on battery? When used on battery, the Canary Flex will enter a low power mode when it isn’t actively recording or streaming Watch Live. This means there will be a short delay on pulling up Watch Live as the Flex needs time to wake up and reconnect before it can start streaming video. Motion activated recordings will also have a couple of seconds missing at the beginning due to the wake up time. To avoid this, I’d recommend trying to find a way to power the Canary. You can find more information about the difference between battery operated and plugged in behavior on our Help Center:

How does Flex detect motion when on battery?

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!


Yes I’m aware if this so called 2 way that I’ve. Wen hearing about go far too long but whatever not going to get into that so fine no siren for the flex. As for the dealt I and using power as I have it charging constantly and am not using battery so now what do I check to get it to respond quicker and not have such a long delay?