Noise and notification when camera switching from IR to color


Shortly after I got into work this morning, I received a notification about activity detected in away mode. When I reviewed the video clip, it started out with the camera in the B/W IR mode. Within a second or two, it switched to color mode. I assume it is this action of switching between IR and normal daytime color modes that must have caused the notification event. However, this is the first time I received an alert because of this mode switch. Is it normal for the camera mode switching to cause a motion-triggered event and notification?

Another odd thing is that when the camera switched modes, there was an audible “click” sound. It sounded pretty loud on the video, but I assumed that was just due to it picking up the internal sound in the camera. However, it must make a pretty significant external sound when the mode switches because when it did so, one of my dogs (who was sleeping comfortably on the stairs) immediately raised her head and stared in the direction of the camera for a long time. Has anyone been near an AIO unit when it switched between IR night vision and regular daytime color mode? Does it, in fact, make an audible external click?

I created a custom tag for this event and labeled it as “IR Camera Switching”.

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Hey @RobbW,

Great questions! Your Canary can detect the switch in or out of night vision as motion and trigger a recording and alert. To avoid this, I’d recommend lowering the sensitivity in your motion notification settings. Your Canary will still record this event, but this will help minimize it sending a push notification to your phone unnecessarily.

As for the “clicking” sound, this is the sound of the infrared lens moving in and out of place and is normal. It is audible when near the device for both the Canary All-in-One and the Canary Flex. Hope that helps!


I still don’t understand the logic about lowering your sensitivity settings. This defeats the purpose of having a canary. Figure out a way to stop notifying the switch, that would make sense.


Couldn’t Canary’s software or firmware ‘mute’ the changing click sound and video light change, or learn that this is nothing to be alarmed by?


Canary actually does attempt to ‘mute’ alerts when the device switches in and out of Night Vision. The device has an ambient light sensor to determine when Night Vision should be switched on or off and that results in the Infrared LEDs turning on and a mechanical IR filter being moved in to place over the lens (the click you hear).

There are a few things which could happen that could result in video being recorded or notifications being sent when this happens - most common being that there is motion that occurs at the same time. The rate at which the ambient light changes is also a factor, for example if someone turns the lights on or off in a room vs. a slow change due to the sun rising or setting. There are also a few cases where Canary’s algorithms can be “tricked” into thinking there is motion when no human perceivable motion is visible.

So generally speaking, night vision changes should not result in motion notifications but it can happen.
Hope that helps provide some insight to how the device behaves.



Why do I get a notification when it switches to night mode? Sometimes I am already asleep and its startling! Did not do it until this last update


Hey @justmekimi,

Are you referring to Night Mode or when your Canary turns on Night Vision?

In the case that you are referring to Night Vision (when you may hear a click, or the image changes to look like night vision), my Canary sometimes triggers an alert when it switches on. One thing that you can do in order to help this is to change your Motion Notification Settings.

If instead it is when it is going into Night Mode (which is similar to “Home” or “Away”), can you describe what exactly is causing the notification alert to be sent? Is there motion detected or is it the actual switch sending you a notification of some form?


It does click but it is an actual motion notification only when it turns on


I would suggest reducing your motion notification settings one notch at a time until it no longer sends a notification.

With the Canary All In One, there is a filter that comes in front of the camera, this sometimes can cause a notification to be sent.

I am also merging your topic with a previous topic on the same subject, there’s a bit more information there as well.


When canary switches from Home Mode to Night Mode it often generates a false notification.

Canary is set to switch on Night Mode from 1:00 to 5:00 am.

What happens within approx. 10 seconds:

  1. Canary is in Home Mode (Day vision)
  2. At 1:00am Canary switches camera on
  3. Canary switch surveillance on
  4. Canary detects it is dark
  5. Canary switches on IR-LED
  6. Canary detects change in room brightness
  7. Canary triggers notification.

What should happen is:

  1. Canary is in Home Mode (Day vision)
  2. At 1:00am Canary switches camera on
  3. Canary detects it is dark
  4. Canary switches on IR-LED
  5. Canary switch surveillance on

And no, lowering the notification level is not an option.
This is a software issue.


Hey @John_Conner,

I have gone ahead and merged your topic with a previous topic on this issue. There are additionally some suggestions in this topic of ways to reduce this false-positive.


Hey Zev,
now the topic is buried in a conversation from april 2017.

This is a software issue and should be resolved by canary.


Having this same issue with mine. Several false notifications have been sent to me because the switch between IR and color. Why should/would a customer be asked to reduce the functionality of a device to compensate?


is there a way to stop it from clicking when it turns to night mode/ir?


At this time, that clicking in the AIO is an actual moving part so there is no way to keep it from happening.