Not getting any notifications


New to Canary…appear to have things set up ok, but not getting any notifications…even though incident is being captured and recorded in event log…can someone help?


Hey there!

Can you tell me what your notification settings are set up both within your phone’s “Notifications” section and in the app under Settings>Notifications>Motion Notifications?

This should help figure out where the bad setting is! This article should also help:


Why can I not connect to this article? I believe I have the same problem.


I just confirmed that the Help Center link Zev posted is working. Can you try copying and pasting the link below and see if that works?


Thanks Angie. But the link says “You’re not authorized to access this page” - so still no access.


Sorry for the trouble! I believe we’ve fixed the issue. Can you try again?


Thank you for the fix. Ii am off to read the article now.