Not recording all motion

I have several examples now of the Canary recording a couple of seconds of motion, then skipping several seconds and then recording again for a couple of seconds. The motion is constant throughout but seems to skip most of it. Is this a fault?

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Hi @JoeyJoe,

Gaps in video are most commonly caused by the network speeds not being fast enough to upload the full video, or the Wi-Fi signal being weak or unstable. There can also be situations where the placement of your Canary is not allowing it to see the majority of activity in the room very well, so it’s only intermittently detecting the motion.

I’d recommend submitting a ticket to our support team and including an example video of what you’re seeing. They’ll be able to work with you on narrowing down if there’s a problem with the network or device placement and make recommendations to improve your performance.

Thanks for your reply.

I have 50Mb / 20Mb connection, the camera is 4 meters away from the router. It is located in the corner of the room and can see 3 walls and the door. I’ve tested walking into the room and towards the camera, it will start recording when I am around 2 meters into the room, then will records for perhaps 2 to 3 seconds, then it jumps to me walking away.

Can you tell me the location of the servers that the Canary is connecting to?

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Hi @JoeyJoe,

Canary servers are located in Virginia in the US. When you open the ticket with support, I’d recommend including information about your network setup like your ISP, make and model of router, any extenders or boosters you’re using, etc. It sounds like this may be something that requires more in-depth investigation.

@JoeyJoe Was your issue resolved? I am having this same issue as you described. I just bought Canary few days ago.

I am also having this same issue. My recorded videos are constantly full of dropped/skipped activity. I have two AIOs that I have connected to two separate wi-fi routers in my home. That way, the two AIOs do NOT have to share bandwidth on a single wi-fi router. Both routers are newer Gigabit wi-fi routers and use the latest wi-fi technology 2.4G and 5G. They are both capable of 1900+ mbps speed. Both AIOs are placed so that their respective wi-fi signal strengths are receiving the maximum number of “bars”. My ISP is a cable internet service provider. My ISP service is 100mb down and 10mb up, and has been verified via speed tests.

I understand that since the AIOs are uploading video to the Canary servers, the upload speed of my ISP is more important than the download speed. I would think that a 10mb upload speed should be fast enough for the Canary service, right? Especially when in “Away” mode and no one is home to use any other services that might compete with Canary’s access to the bandwidth.

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Any updates on this Canary staff?

I’m also experiencing massive jumps. My upload speed is 10mb and it’s also happening while away, so there is nobody else using WiFi at the time.

Is it due to faulty Canary hardware? If so, will Canary issue us a new device?


If you haven’t gone through the steps mentioned previously in regards to checking your ping and upload/download speeds to the Canary Servers location, I would suggest doing so. Additionally there was a recent firmware update that may (or may not have) yet gotten to your device.

If none of that works, I would suggest reaching out to Canary directly and include your speed test results so they can help diagnose the issue as quickly as possible.

Canary likes to blame the internet, but this is 100% cause by Canary, NOT the internet, or their speeds, etc. I have nest in the same room and NEVER have any issues, but Canary, records only 30%. Just switch because their customer service is horrible and all they do is blame other things for their system not working properly.

Yea I have fast cable internet and I’ve used arlo nest ring wyze cam and a few others and none of them cut up video like canary. I always just figured it was their special unique trademark or something. Which is dumb because I swear if someone did come in and rob me all I’d know is that someone came in walked a round and vanished with all my stuff. Because all any of my canary’s have ever done is catch the first few seconds of someone coming in then depending on how long the activity is it jumps to different points of the event easily missing what could be key points of the video that could be potential evidence. Did I get robbed? Did my stuff just vanish? Did the person in the video have something to do with it? Or were they just visiting? No one will ever know because canary conveniently skipped over any actions that could’ve proven anything and didn’t even record the person leaving the room. They were just there one min and gone the next.
And I know it’s canary’s doing because I had a bunch of saved videos on my free account and the all the sudden became much longer with more details and action once I paid for a subscription. It still skips over stuff n misses a ton of stuff but you will get more video detail if you pay. I’ve had canary over 3 years an all in one and two flexes and it’s been the same issue with them all. I just don’t understand why they don’t do something to correct it when even the generic brands they cost much less do a better job of recording events.