Notice of Immediate Individual Recognition


How about the moment the camera detects an individual, it sends a notification.

Because Canary servers take time to record and then when finished, it sends a notification 2 to 5 minutes to send a notification that it finished, an intruder could be in the door and in your bedroom before you know someone came through a door.

How about a notice anytime someone is noticed “The Moment a Camera starts recording”.

Canary is good at recording for damage or theft, but pretty much worthless for anything else at the moment. Yes, I’m Still Watching??? Why?

  1. When Live Or Recording, a SIMPLE BEEP that someone is there would be nice and less than 3 lines of code for the programmers.

Good start for a VERY EXPENSIVE SYSTEM, but $35 cameras at least stay on in Live View and can send a notice that someone is there. YES. I already had bought into Canary with 2 expensive canera’s before I knew it was so limited for the price. So I am here for the duration and hope you don’t go out of business since Walmart stopped carrying it in the store retail.

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