Notification / Alert option that continues sounding until cancelled


My Canary does send a notification and an alert on my iPhone when movement is detected. However, it only does so once, and that I don’t always hear or see.

Is there any way that a notification or alert from Canary can be made to continue on my iPhone until I cancel it. This is particularly important for night, when I am asleep, and need something persistent to alert me to movement. I use a Canary Flex in my garage to provide security for valuable bikes there, just in case someone tried to break in and steal them.


Night alert alarm (deep sleeper)
Canary Alarm option

Hi @chrismarsden,

This isn’t currently an option, but I can see why that would be helpful. I’m going to move your post over to the feature request section so others can comment on this as well.


I was thinking something along the same line - I made a post about having an alarm clock type alert for at night when I’m away from home. That way if I am far away for a few days I will know right away.


This reminds me of the multiple alerts you can set up for text messages on iOS (which I use!) so I can definitely see how it would be helpful.


Because my husband and I often go away monitoring our home at night is key for us. I am a very deep sleeper and therefore don’t wake up from the general alert sounds. Is there any thought to have an alarm option that acts like an alarm clock? I wouldn’t want it all the time but at night when we are away the blinds are closed - the only way something would trip the camera would be an actual intruder.


Totally agree with this and was going to propose the same. Even if I am out of the house with my phone in my pocket, the single chirp or phone default sound is rarely heard. There should be an option to use any of the phone sounds (such as the siren) or the present options and have the sound continue until I turn it off thereby making sure I am alerted to the activity at home. This is, after all, a device to alert me about an intruder!


I need to be able to set an alarm sound to wake me up if an intruder is detected. If it’s just a quiet ‘beep beep’ that’s not enough! I’m using iOS and in the sound settings there is an option to change sounds for ‘Facebook Post’ , so why can’t there be the same option to change sound for ‘Canary Alert’?
If the Canary cannot wake me up when an intruder is detected (and canarys were used to alert to danger in mines, hence that’s why I assume you named it so) then it is not fit for purpose!


Thanks for your feedback! I’ve moved your post into an existing feature request topic for this option.


Hi @Pilgrim,

Thanks for the feedback! Are there specific tone patterns that you’d want to have access to, or is it more of an issue about the volume of the alert?



Hi Andy

It’s more to do with the notification / alarm being more persistent e.g. It keeps going until you cancel it. Given that many of us use Canary as a sort of security device to warn of unexpected motion it needs to be able to make us aware more than it does at present with a couple of beeps. I use an iPhone.



As a user of the Canary All in one unit then i would wholeheartedly concur with all of the above


I am also a happy All In One customer and would really like to see this implemented. Stronger notifications would be my #1 choice if I could pick any improvement. I use this device as a security camera and do not want to risk missing a notification.

Thanks and keep up the good work!


I am an android user (Nexus 5x) and completely agree with this.
I personally think that an auto alarm (talked about here Automatic siren) would also take care of this when at home and it is in Night Mode. BUT if I am away and there is an intruder I don’t want to miss the current short notification.

Something more like a phone call length ring-alert would be great and make me feel fully safe.


Yes I think this is critical, there’s no point in the Canary if you miss the notification and your house is robbed and you don’t see it for an hour or two. The Canary app should have its own notification system independent of the phones notification system that cannot be turned off by silent mode or night mode on the phones. I turned up my volume on the notifications so I hear the canary notifications, but now all my other messages are way to loud so I will have to turn it down. It should have it’s own volume, vibration settings and how long and how often it repeats until dismissed.