Notifications when members leave/arrive home


I am new to the Canary only installed my Canary on Friday, maybe this feature is already available but I am unable to find it!! Am i able to be notified with the last Member leaves the house and the first Member arrives home, this seems like a simple request that other similar systems have? Thanks

Member alerts when arriving or leaving home

Canary app adds known users to the timeline when they enter/leave the wifi, but I don’t believe there is a notification to that affect.


Hi @gaz70, @starbum is correct - you won’t receive notifications when a member leaves or arrives home.

I’m going to move your post to the “Feature Requests” category just so the rest of the community can vote on it. Thanks!


This feature would be so useful!! I don’t understand how we haven’t got this simple feature yet. :thinking:


How can I vote for this feature?


If you click the :heart: shaped button on the first post in this thread, you’ll “like” this feature request which is the same as voting or showing you would also be interested.


Will there be a feature to alert you when a member arrives or leave home. For instance my son from school or wife from work. If so have the ability to select who you want to be alerted to. And no matter that mode (home, night or away) the canary is set to it still alerts you.


Thanks for your suggestion! I’ve gone ahead and merged your post into an existing feature request for this option to help us track user interest.