Offline remote fix


My canary has gone offline for several days. Is there a way to fix this remotely?


Hi @44John,

I’m very sorry to hear about the trouble with your Canary! When a Canary loses connection to your network, it will attempt to reconnect on its own automatically once internet or power is restored. There are rare occasions where the Canary may fail to reconnect even after internet or power is back on.

If this has happened, you might be able to try contacting your ISP and see if they are able to remotely reboot your router. This can sometimes help re-estabilsh the connection. If this fails, we would need someone who can physically access the device to try and determine why the reconnection is failing.

If this happens to you more than once, I would definitely recommend submitting a ticket to our support team so they can give you more specific suggestions on how to avoid running into this issue in the future. Hope that helps!