On demand recording

It would be great if you would add on demand recording as an available feature.

Hey @Akheck01, is your suggestion for the ability to just press the equivalent of a “record now” button, or would you prefer to have all video recorded and then have that available at a later time?

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Nest has nest aware which is 24 hour recording…you can then pay to be able to scan back from 3 to 7 days and view any time. I’m needing that capability. It also has the zones that you can monitor which is more specific than having the masking that Canary offers. If you want one particular spot, then you can focus on it or on multiple spots. With Canary, you have to block off what you don’t want to focus on vs what you want to focus on.

My last two camera purchases were another brand that has this feature. If this is not going to be an option on the canary cams, mine will be sold.